What are good vegan snacks?

  • I'm not sure if you mean prepackaged snacks (for a list of commercial, though not always healthy, snacks that are vegan, check out Peta's "accidentally vegan" list) or plant-strong snacks you can make yourself. If I snack, I tend to snack on fruit, raw vegetables, toast or if I'm really ravenous, a smoothie, such as HH's Green Goddess or PB Cup Smoothie. I also love baby carrots and celery but my favorite munchie is jicama sticks with a little lime juice. I also love, love, LOVE HH's Kale chips! Lately I've been making them with hot sauce, which makes them super addictive. Roasted chickpeas, such as the chickpeas in HH's Chickpea Tacos, are also great. Muffins are also portable.