I want to go vegan very badly, but we live on a VERY tight budget. I also can’t have soy, any hope?

  • You can live well on beans, rice, fruits and vegetables. Dry beans/lentils are $2 or less for 1 bag, which will feed you for the week. Rice is also very inexpensive, especially if you buy in bulk. At my supermarket, you can get 10 bags of frozen vegetables for $10, and you can squeeze three meals out of each bag. Go to an Indian or Asian supermarket and your buck will go even further.  I’ve written about eating vegan on a budget before, and I once did a challenge where I ate vegan for a week for on $21 in New York City.  For inspiration, read our interview with a homeless vegan.  Buy in bulk. Stick to staples. Shop around for deals and get food stamps or help from a Food Bank if you need it. You can eat healthy, and vegan/plant-based on any budget. I also have a “budget” icon in Everyday Happy Herbivore that signifies meals costing less than $5 to make.