What brand of [food i.e. tortillas, salsa] do you use/recommend?

The only food I’m brand specific about is nutritional yeast . I’ll only use Braggs or Red Star, even if it means having to order it online. Otherwise I buy whatever brand is available to me at my local store that meets my requirements. Unfortunately, most brands vary by region and aren’t available nationwide. For example, the whole-wheat bread I bought in California wasn’t available in New York or Colorado. Similarly, my best friend found an awesome peanut butter in DC that I couldn’t find anywhere in New York -- just 4 hours away, and my mom couldn’t find it in South Carolina either. You have to read labels and look (that’s what I do!). Go to all the different stores in your area to check out their different brands. If you can’t find what you need locally, try online. When I live in rural areas or small towns, I make good use of Amazon prime