Why don't you use healthy fats?

  • Quoting Dr. McDougall: The fat you eat is the fat you wear. The body does not recognize fat as an immediate energy source the way it does with carbohydrates. It recognizes fat as something to be stored, and it stores it. While it is true we need some fat to survive, remember that all foods, including legumes, fruits and vegetables, naturally contain a little fat. This means the body is always getting plenty of fat without adding extra.
  • That said, I first removed added fat from my diet when I needed to lose weight. If I was trying to lose fat why was I eating more of it? That seemed very counterproductive. Now that I'm at my goal weight I do occasionally eat healthy wholesome fats like peanut butter and avocado, but only a little. Eating more than an occasional small serving and the weight creeps back on.